IDEAS’ talks

Below is the list of presentations from IDEAS lab. Meeting details:

17 Feb 2023
Hrishikesh Viswanath
Neural Operator Token Mixing for Computer Vision problems
24 Feb 2023
Pascal Jutras-Dubé,
Kshitij Tiwari
(1) Introduction to diffusion models
(2) Touch-based Sensing in Robotics
03 Mar 2023
Jasorsi Ghosh
Sim to Real for Human action videos
10 Mar 2023
Pooja Guhan,
Aaditya Kharel
(1) Multimodal Perception of Engagement in Mental Health Applications
(2) Deepfake Detection in Video/Audios
24 Mar 2023
Phu Pham
3D inpainting for historical buildings
31 Mar 2023
Dipam Patel
Real-time NeRF using a Swarm of Drones
07 Apr 2023
Rashmi Bhaskara
Probabilistic Active Learning for Active class selection
14 Apr 2023
Maurice Chiu
Neural additive model for interpretable machine learning.
21 Apr 2023
Aniruddha Mukherjee
A Deep Convolutional Auto-Encoder for Popular Phrase (MEME) Identification and Propagation Modeling over a News Network
28 Apr 2023
Aneesh Bhattacharya
Synthesizing Mixed-Genre 3D Dance Movements Through Beat Disentanglement
05 May 2023
ICRA practice talks
12 May 2023
Aref Malek
Text to facial expression generation
19 May 2023
Ashiqur Rahman
Partner Dependent Human Motion Generation in Dyadic Human Activity using Neural Operators